Primitive Survival Skills (Volume 01)

What you'll learn

  • This course teaches you to access the wisdom and skill of ancient humans; to meet the base survival requirements, shelter, water, fire, food in a modern day survival


This course is the first in a series of course packages produced by Rich Hungerford, Senior Survival & Tracking Instructor at The Bush Lore Survival School. This course is focused upon the practical application of ancient human ancestor knowledge in low or no technology situations to meet essential life support requirements.

The instructor wishes to make the clear distinction between survival skills that lean on ancestral knowledge and primitive living skills.

Being capable of manufacturing cutting tools, shelter and weapons without the aid of modern steel or iron tools adds another level of survival resilience to the experienced survivalist and brings new understanding to the beginner survival student.

Drawing on his real life experience as an Australian Special Forces Combat Survival Instructor, Rich Hungerford shows you what works, why it works and why you should focus on practical skills if you are training for survival.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner survival students through to those engaged in experiment archeology or anthropology.

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